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Business only email: fart ha ha stupid gsnail

  • Amyloverpi Gacha
    Amyloverpi Gacha

    6:12 😂😂 OMGGGG-

  • Leonel Castillo
    Leonel Castillo

    A girl got kicked by her butt 2019 god save me.... lol

  • Pepsgaming

    Am now

  • Apple Mr.
    Apple Mr.

    What game is this tho?



  • Sophie Slone
    Sophie Slone

    0:39 "Dani this looks like you" "DANI" "Is this you" 'This is su- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" *dani laughing*

  • Sara Smith
    Sara Smith

    Egg 1jh r5``1ki get when I wipe my screen

  • xItzAngie_Playzx

    okay was i the only one who notice the among us imposter was literally marinette from miraculous ladybug? the vouce literally said “i’m ladybug”

  • josef dvoracek
    josef dvoracek

    im cz but i know english

  • evilsamboi🏳️‍🌈

    i have scopophobia ppl stare at me and i have anxiety issues

  • Yon Ko
    Yon Ko

    Love you💗💗💋💋💋💋❤💕💕💖😇

  • Mr. Potato
    Mr. Potato

    . . . .

  • Brandon Stambaugh
    Brandon Stambaugh

    I have never heard them laugh so much

  • gclik

    3:32 hi my name is ashley i want to be friends with u all

  • certifiedengimain

    rip franklin_hotelowner, the account was banned

  • Toast

    "Time to ruin some lives yet again!"

  • Brycsenboi


  • Leonel Castillo
    Leonel Castillo

    Idk why people don't know how to talk normally lol even *PAIN* and dead dosen't call me die

  • Kingkindcat!™

    12:23 He said they wonder how he broke in 12:42 HOW RUDE OF YOU TO BREAK IN I WOULD NEVER DO THAT

  • Mike Walton
    Mike Walton

    Hey flamingo I am in your group

  • Rosa Cajas
    Rosa Cajas

    two years ago please play minecraft again.

  • 30 fps Jay
    30 fps Jay

    Albert isn't fat

  • kawiil youtube
    kawiil youtube


  • mary brison
    mary brison

    He sounds like kaden

  • Hanaa Shaaya
    Hanaa Shaaya


  • Johntay Walker
    Johntay Walker

    You should make a in video commercial that will go like (spikes cause terror to everybody here)

  • Naruto Uzumakiシ︎
    Naruto Uzumakiシ︎

    4:02 flamingo someone cursed 😂

  • ☆Cherryq☆

    I just noticed that I have saw monke in a game-

  • Ron Valazak
    Ron Valazak

    guys i have something i really need to get off my chest... its been haunting me...so here we go...AM NOW

  • JME Playz
    JME Playz


  • JME Playz
    JME Playz


  • Soviet Union
    Soviet Union

    I'm stupid

  • no

    -me focusing the boy chasing flamingo-

  • Noah


  • B R Ø K E
    B R Ø K E

    Watch out cause A person is hating on every UZmatchrs and trying to make people believe him also he's His channel name is Davzy Gaming Channel I'm warning you flamingo...

  • Yoshi

    i always get happy when he mentions tøp,,

  • Baby Babushka
    Baby Babushka

    I would give u a BIG smoocharoonie on the battle bus in FORTNITE 🥴🥵

  • Deathbyaether

    Am now

  • Cooper Ring
    Cooper Ring


  • Anne Brandow
    Anne Brandow


  • Night Pug
    Night Pug

    Yes more admin

  • Brycsenboi

    Alberts girlfriend tooooooo

  • grannydwarf

    Fun fack in the roman empire slaves ware worth about 1 month of payment

  • overweight dog
    overweight dog

    Hey if you don’t what to do with robux give me some 😏

  • sophia the stupid
    sophia the stupid

    Would you do this in real life

  • Gloris salas
    Gloris salas

    I love the princess peach puppy

  • Megamiichu

    "I literally have a blue face" me: I LITERALLY CHOCKED ON WATER 💀

  • GachaLylah

    me and my friend spent a full 45 minutes on this game and got to the dungeon part, what masters we are :')

  • Lyn Banks
    Lyn Banks

    Each this part: 3:19

  • Makira Pennell
    Makira Pennell

    How do you even find the Grocery Gang are they a Roblox group?

  • chxrry blxssxm
    chxrry blxssxm

    Roblox idea: say in the chat “somebody date me” and dress up ugly so when they get to your house, you can prove online daters wrong 😎

  • Madison Estes
    Madison Estes

    Albert: I have summoned the demons🙂👍 *Two seconds go bye* Albert: I SHALL GO TO HEAVEN FOR BEING SO GOOD!!!

  • No-Chance

    R O N B L O X

  • Sunny vs Emily
    Sunny vs Emily

    You know that labour games that he was playing I recognise someone with the name called meganplays was in the server so meganplays was in the server

  • 『sugarstar #stopanimaltesting
    『sugarstar #stopanimaltesting

    *your wife is like prettier than a mannquin at target-* *yet theyre the same species*

  • Jillian Davis
    Jillian Davis

    oml plss flamingo was built different in the beginning🥲🥲

  • lexaplays

    NOO IM LATE FOR 1 DAY😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • guinter guillaume
    guinter guillaume

    Alber:Stop stop the bell stop the bell!

  • V Flower
    V Flower

    Is nobody gonna talk about Paige’s epic hair?

  • Tere Robles
    Tere Robles

    I like the part wenn helppp me hi i like u

  • The

    My theory is that Sandra's bones are in the basement skin on the scarecrow and remaining meat in the coffin

  • Dylan BB
    Dylan BB

    Perfect choice

  • Evelyn Lopez
    Evelyn Lopez

    I don’t get how his logo got deleted but weggie core clothes hasn’t

  • Vanessa Manaev
    Vanessa Manaev

    I love how on the thumbnail there’s a girl in the MY hero academia training uniform lol

  • Dylan BB
    Dylan BB

    flamingos scream is how he expresses his emotions

  • Georgia Kafkas
    Georgia Kafkas

    Try the new Total drama mode

  • DRod

    1:18 Albert what were you thinking of I know nobody asked but one time I hade a dream that Albert starting swearing. But then I woke up depressed that my dream wasn’t real. I’m just kidding it not my dream for him to swear but I would be eternally happy if he did.

  • Anime_god

    5:19 when Reality kicks in

  • Jemisson lopez
    Jemisson lopez

    :flamingo why am i talking about guns? :me its hecause its america

  • KrzysioPlayz Version 2💣
    KrzysioPlayz Version 2💣

    FLAMBO: RIGHT NOW Me: albat when u see it Koreanaaa

  • Michaelpoop129

    Tt means TikTok

  • Uferis

    my solution is that u can only upload 5 shirts per month but then the problem is ppl will just make new accounts and to fix that solution they should like either let u make 3 accounts per year per IP adress or for every new account you gotta wait like 90 days to upload clothing

  • Mage Misha
    Mage Misha


  • Patricio Teran
    Patricio Teran

    Además parece gay

  • Dylan BB
    Dylan BB

    I'm honestly lost and confused by all the fnf stuff.

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer

    i had a reccuring dream once. it wasnt scary tho bc i was 5. my dad was at the bottom of the stairs holding 2 gogurts and i jumped down the stairs to get them but i woke up when i hit the bottom of the stairs