Seeing if Roblox BULLIES will take ROBUX if it's SCAMMED from someone else...
get my YouTooz on December 27th 3pm EST :D
hello friendos I became santa clause except spelled different then I offered items to people... but I tell them it's scammed from someone else!

  • Cloudyxsoftie♡︎

    2:48 THaTS literally what my friend says to people all the time lol

  • AKAFinley Shorts
    AKAFinley Shorts

    Why do I crush over him though

  • POV your dog food BAD videos
    POV your dog food BAD videos


  • Chew 5GUM
    Chew 5GUM


  • L1ttlebro YT
    L1ttlebro YT


  • Laura Lannon
    Laura Lannon

    It should had been ZantaClaws (Eddsword reference)

  • RWBY Gacha
    RWBY Gacha

    How come when I tried watching it it was just a dragon ball z ad?

  • TheGamingGaster

    they made captchas so hard that humans cant even do it

  • TheWinner1986

    Albert: this is my wife Me: sense when did you get a wife

  • Peach DaPotato
    Peach DaPotato

    “Guys it’s December 16” Me: “and it’s also 12:00 in the morning”

  • M 4 N I 4 C S U B S
    M 4 N I 4 C S U B S

    5:06 she got complimented by Albert she better be thankful for life 🙄✋

  • Charles Calvin Playz
    Charles Calvin Playz

    bruh while watching this vid at the bottom of the screen i saw an adopt me scam ad-

  • Chanクリエーター

    My birthday is on December 16th

  • Levi Smelly Pants
    Levi Smelly Pants


  • ⁿⁱʰᵃᶜʰᵘ-ᶠᵃⁿ

    Awww Albert make people happy and fun I Love flamingo so much he's such a good guy by this Idc if someone tell me that flamingo is bad well he's not and he got some good personality and I'm a big fan to you Albert

  • RyantheVineMaker

    9:37 STOP!!!!! 9:40 DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • jaydenlazo

    0:30 did you torture her

  • Bad Monster
    Bad Monster

    i need robux

  • The Wild Wilcock's
    The Wild Wilcock's

    Missed the opportunity to be "SatanClause666"

  • lazy potato
    lazy potato

    dec.16 is my b-day

  • Matic Borko
    Matic Borko

    1year late

  • Dannielle Peile
    Dannielle Peile

    If u told me that I would say donate 1,000 and give the rest back

  • harbaby93

    Albert’s wife fell and he said stop funny 😄

  • Olive Natkong
    Olive Natkong

    Not to be rude but dude brush your teeth 😭📉👎

  • DxrkGamingYT

    its kinda sad that albert was playing roblox and had FUN in the old days but he ruins other kids lifes for no reason they were having fun like albert

  • Cole Danford
    Cole Danford

    Scamming people is so funny

  • Brenda Jaleen
    Brenda Jaleen

    Demon from tpn : I killed Conny😃 Meh:bruh dis is flamingo not tpn😊🙄 Meh:I will and you REEE meh: *kills the demon* Demon: X.X Meh: that’s wut you get😊🔨

  • blossikim dot me
    blossikim dot me

    :[mrflimflam]: leave ur family, and ill give you goodies :) :[me]: ROBUX.

  • Gavin Fregoso
    Gavin Fregoso

    I was scammed tho for my unicorn

  • Cookie crumb Adventure
    Cookie crumb Adventure

    : alebert Gives her life : him after “ making her pretty” : her… I WILL DIE NOW!

  • WaterFall

    Me: *Sees Satan in the thumbnail* Also me: *SEES 666 IN VIEWS*

  • Sussy

    this reminds me of the plumpusmcrich video

  • Olivia Garrett
    Olivia Garrett

    Albert! This is an idea! You should dress up like a twisted Santa so like Krampus and when people ask for gifts kill them in a scary way

  • Brynn Keough
    Brynn Keough

    did yall hear him say in da beginning "she is still here i haven't thrown her away burn't 'YET' "

  • smile hood
    smile hood

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • gachaclubunicorns

    can i have robux please only like 9k so i subscribed liked and i joined your group pleaseee

  • Good2Go _
    Good2Go _

    Roblox attracts some of the dumbest kids honestly.

  • Badboyhalo

    The way Albert just had an egg to the side👏👏

  • Brandi Houston
    Brandi Houston

    Good job 100k

  • hoofhearted -444
    hoofhearted -444


  • BreadPlays


  • Lorana Madžar
    Lorana Madžar

    In adopt me i never had oprotunity to... See santas shirt.... He was allways shirtles

  • chloeplaysroblox

    This was a year ago 😃

  • Mushroom 💕
    Mushroom 💕

    00:13 Kirsten: am I a joke to you?


    most famous game on 2019and may 2021 untill brookhaven come out now adopt me is trash

  • Vivian Delgado
    Vivian Delgado

    E G G

    • Vivian Delgado
      Vivian Delgado

      D A T G O G

    • Vivian Delgado
      Vivian Delgado

      H E H E

  • Red Jasper Aragon
    Red Jasper Aragon

    My friend got banned bc I said “r0bux” and she said “I giv robucks”. She’s a group owner so roblox banned her for that even tho she actually can give robux 💀

  • Chad Broski
    Chad Broski

    U guys dont get it roblox made the verication hard on purpose so u would buy a name change and spend robuk instead of a creating a new account

  • LiL pIcKlE
    LiL pIcKlE

    As a typical Florida crack head I would take money from a drug dealer

  • Alexandra Romero
    Alexandra Romero

    I a devil bc I was playing a game and a girl hate join and I kidnapped her son haha

  • Suffiane Hamed
    Suffiane Hamed

    wow he didn't kill hes wife in 2 seconds nice he beat he's record

  • Άγγελος Χριστοδούλου
    Άγγελος Χριστοδούλου

    9:20 magic😱😱😱

  • Άγγελος Χριστοδούλου
    Άγγελος Χριστοδούλου

    3:40 EGGLINGO

  • Grandpa

    💢💧 😷 😰 🎽💉 👕 👖 👖 👟👟 👞👞

  • Gian Luke Gutierrez
    Gian Luke Gutierrez

    Flamingo: ima give you a million dollars Video: reached 9.23million

  • KingNoob

    i am a horrible person and i will go to heck and you WILL BE STUCK WITH ME

  • gamingwithtrickz


  • Nat A.
    Nat A.


  • Aux man Gaming
    Aux man Gaming

    And its June 30th...

  • Pellicano Gaming Channel
    Pellicano Gaming Channel

    Albert: stay there Wife: F A L L S Also albert: T H A T I S O K

  • Toast

    This video posted 5 day after my birthday

  • Royal-crisp

    Go make more stupid videos of ROBLOX hm

  • RedtorYT

    Albert : this is what happens to starter egg ( *Munch Munch Munch* )

  • Clarity with KJ
    Clarity with KJ

    im ngl but a few months ago i was in adopt me and a oder talked to me and I didn't know what a oder was in back then but when she said blah blah blah ################ btw not LITARLLY so i said uhm no and she said ... and she just left wish I report her in time even tho reports fake guys in reality she said: wanna D.A.T.E (prob cuz I was dressed as rainbow ALSO I was dressed as tofuu before somebody thought I was actually him and she brought me to her house and made me dinner but it was just a nice dinner party or somethin

  • Cassandra Lewis
    Cassandra Lewis

    "Aw shes happy" if thats not the sweetest thing ive heard albert say-

  • Neo YT
    Neo YT

    You can t scam Albert

  • Al sheq Kazuya
    Al sheq Kazuya

    Can I have robux i join the group

  • Colecat

    5:25 albert realises he is being attacked

  • E

    I was in your sever but you did see me 😚✌️

  • Slack_YT

    Why would you give someone a legendary unicorn 👁👄👁

  • Daniii C
    Daniii C

    know wart thaat means

  • Daniii C
    Daniii C

    realises he has 13k robux

  • Zay

    I would take that scammed Stuff, just so I can give it all back to those who were scammed

  • mcgovernor09

    *drops baby in lake* "No." **comes back onto bridge**

  • David Gay
    David Gay

    Plz plz can i have adopt me stofe nobody likes me

  • fatcat Play's
    fatcat Play's

    when I join a Roblox server: Hi babe how was work? When Albert joins a server: BOY IMA KICK THEN IMA PUNCH YO dhihwefh34hhg5 YEA THATS RIGHT!

  • ☆ Rice ☆
    ☆ Rice ☆

    Albert: “WHO DO I GIVE IT TO!?!?” Me: Obvi the nice person, who else?

  • Zane Delaney
    Zane Delaney

    What about being krampus clause?????

  • Boyfriend

    Albert:dab Me:XD

  • Dog-Eared Cafe
    Dog-Eared Cafe

    albert: happy holidays form the devil himself also albert: *dab.*

  • Jason Keill
    Jason Keill

    This video was made when I was 8 and it was a couple of days intil December 25th my birthday on December 25th

  • Priscilla Daigle
    Priscilla Daigle

    sssssssssssssssssay fish

  • YouDon'tGottaKnow

    I think Albert has the same headphones as me .-_.-

  • Anuskha


  • Flaming_Luis

    This video was posted on my birthday

  • Clay Jenkins
    Clay Jenkins

    He say kill

  • Killua's Left Foot
    Killua's Left Foot


  • lawnmower bikergus
    lawnmower bikergus

    Can you give 100 ronbux to damez2014

    • lawnmower bikergus
      lawnmower bikergus

      Not me

  • BF HD
    BF HD

    ill have rubux

  • 『tz Lissa Gacha』
    『tz Lissa Gacha』

    I just got a Roblox scam add then I said “Stop selling me Roblox cameras”

  • Yony

    The start got me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shut up kid
    Shut up kid

    Proof albert is a good person irl

  • Norma Vargas
    Norma Vargas


  • Norma Vargas
    Norma Vargas


  • Ari Grepi
    Ari Grepi

    Thats what you gonna do with the egg eat it????? 😃🤣🤧🤣

  • AlonePoem 348
    AlonePoem 348

    is it just me or is flamingo guy a bit cringe

  • Ayo Sleep
    Ayo Sleep

    Yo December 16th is my birthday

  • FlipNut25

    Play superhero life II or III and become a superhero named fart man.

  • Alex bunlem
    Alex bunlem

    ALBERT: ok uh i just opened a legendary lets go give it to the worst ppl NO BODY: LITTERLY NOT SOUL: ME: DYING FOR A LEG OFF OF A EGG

  • 100 Puppys YT!
    100 Puppys YT!

    Albert: this is my Beautiful wife *it dies* Albert: that’s ok